Gift Set Eole Belgian Spritz 50cl & 4 Tonics 20cl


A bottle of Eole Belgian Spritz 50cl
4 Tonic Premium Fever Tree

Delivered in a box

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    A special box

    EOLE BELGIAN SPRITZ is an aperitif made from wine alcohol from the distillation of some of the musts (grape juice) not used in our Domaine du Chant d'Eole cuvées and grain alcohol.

    This aperitif base is distilled like a gin gin, flavoured with kumquats and enhanced by infusions of infusions of spices and fruit (juniper berries, cocoa, cloves cloves, hops, malt, bitter orange, quinine, gentian bitter orange, quinine, gentian, etc.).

    Our Eole Belgian Spritz, part gin, part bitter between a gin and a bitter, is the ideal companion for your aperitifs.

    Delivered in its box.

    Tonic: 5cl Eole Belgian Spritz & 20cl Schweppes Premium Pomelo or 20cl Fever Tree Grapefruit or Mediterranean.

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