Éole Belgian Spritz

The most festive 100% Belgian aperitif!

Cocktails are ephemeral creations, like works of art that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

Brian Dyson, American businessman

An aperitif with 

100% Belgian ingredients!

The story of a meeting 

Eole Belgian Spritz was born of a meeting on a summer's evening, on a terrace facing the setting sun.

Originality? The subtle combination of flavours!

The wine alcohol in our Eole Belgian Spritz is produced by distilling part of the must (grape juice) harvested during the grape harvest. This must is then distilled like a gin, flavoured with kumquats and enhanced by infusions of spices and fruit. Eole Belgian Spritz, halfway between a

gin and a bitter, is the ideal companion for aperitifs.

To be enjoyed at your leisure!

(but always chilled in a glass filled with ice cubes! 

With a fruity tonic

5cl Eole Belgian Spritz

20cl Schweppes Premium Pomelo


20cl Fever-Tree Grapefruit

Or a classic Spritz

5cl Eole Belgian Spritz

12cl of quality sparkling white wine 

3cl sparkling water

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Ingredients: Neutral grain alcohol, fresh untreated citrus fruit, juniper berries, cocoa, cloves, hops, malt, cane sugar, water, orange juice from concentrate (13.5%), citric acid, bitter orange flavouring, quinine, gentian infusion, carminic acid, potassium sorbate.