Elixir Saint-Georges

The nuance of flavours, the expression of aromas, the balance between freshness and deliciousness...

All the happiness in the world lies in the unexpected

Jean d'Ormesson

Discover Saint-Georges Elixir

Our Elixir Saint-Georges is the Domain's muté wine.

At harvest time, the alcoholic fermentation of part of the must (juice) is stopped by adding wine alcohol. This wine is then matured for 9 months in barrels made from Belgian wood (Rochefort forests). Rochefort forests).

Its beautiful colour is deep gold. It gives off aromas of candied fruit, caramel, butter and woody notes. On the palate with notes of quince paste, tarte tatin, acacia honey and brioche, our Elixir will go equally well with savoury or sweet flavours. Elixir goes equally well with savoury and sweet flavours.

Elixir Saint-Georges is the ideal companion for aperitif platters, characterful cheese platters, poularde with morel mushrooms and chocolate desserts.

Our sommelier's opinion

Elixir Saint-Georges is a deep golden colour. It has a powerful aroma, with aromas of candied raisins raisins, dried fruit, caramel and hints of butter. buttery notes;

Silky on the palate. Mature aromas such as tarte tatin, baked apple and fine pastries. tarts, baked apples and fine pastries;

This wine offers great length and finesse, complemented by the freshness of the Chardonnay and the delicacy of a muté wine.