The vineyard

Terroir and savoir-faire

The Domaine du Chant d’Éole was founded in 2010, as the result of a partnership that now combines the passion of a winemaker from Champagne with that of a large farming family in the Mons region.

Filip Remue, a winegrower from Belgium who had lived in Champagne for more than 25 years, joined forces with the Ewbank family to carry on the traditions that filled his days as the boss of the Maison Remue-Gaspard, in Champagne, on Belgian soil.


Carefully selected grape varieties

86,000 vines of traditional grape varieties – Chardonnay (97%), Pinot noir (2%) and Pinot Blanc (1%) – have been planted on an area of 9,5 hectares between Harveng and Quevy to the south of Mons in Wallonia. South-facing with mainly chalky soil, the land boasts the perfect draining and irrigation qualities for growing these varieties of grape.

At the foot of the wind turbines

The Chant d’Éole estate (literally, the “Song of Aeolus”, ruler of the winds in Greek mythology) owes its name to its location at the foot of the wind turbines of Quévy, whose presence offers a real advantage when it comes to producing high-quality grapes. These turbines gently divert the mild air down towards the ground, thus keeping frost at bay.

Optimised production within an ultra-modern wine cellar

The first grapes were harvested in 2013 and the Domaine du Chant d’Éole made its entrance onto the quality sparkling wine market in October 2015.

Drawing on the best techniques developed to date, everything has been done at the estate to guarantee production of impeccable quality. In 2015, when work was completed on the wine storehouse, the best winemaking tools available could be installed. The Chant d’Éole now has production capacity for 100,000 bottles a year. Visitors are welcomed to the storehouse in a lovely tasting room.

Today, Filip Remue oversees production on his fortnightly visits to the Domaine. A small team, extensively trained in traditional winemaking techniques, carry out the day-to-day work on the vines and wines.